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Understanding the Risk & Symptoms of Measles

This year up to September 10th 2016, 54 people in the United States developed measles. High percentage of people who got measles were unvaccinated. Measles cases are still unfortunately high in other countries. Travel to and from the United States has enhanced the risk of measles across the country. When travelers have the disease it has the potential to spread throughout people that are unvaccinated. Though in the video below shares we have eliminated the virus there are still outbreaks of measles across the world. Understanding the symptoms of measles could save you, your family and your community a major scare. Make sure to do your research in the areas that you travel to for pleasure or business.

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Malaria And It’s Causes, Prevention and Treatment [Video]


A man can get malaria being bitten by an infected parasite. It is unbelievable that the little mosquitoes can infect 2,000 000 people and take away many lives. Children are especially vulnerable to this disease. The video below contains the information about the groups of people who are at  high risk, malaria symptoms and treatment etc. Watch it to be aware of what is happening all around the world.

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