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Dangerous Ingredients: Talc or Magnesium Silicate


It has been proven that the same powder that you used as deodorant, vitamin supplements, and even baby powder as a little kid can be located in many supplements as a cheap filler to produce more products or materials. That is disgusting!

Magnesium silicate is similar to a mineral known as asbestos and can cause severe lung disorders when inhaled. When this mineral is hydrated is it most commonly known as talc. The mineral is also often contaminated when it is mined out of the ground with other silicate minerals. Both minerals have been manufactured and produced in thousands of products and materials throughout the United States. It is highly recommend to do your own research

Talc is not really food grade by the FDA and the consumption of talc is very dangerous. Although the consideration of banning this mineral because it contains asbestos fibers, that have been proven as a carcinogenic and very harmful. I couldn’t find whether any upper limits have yet been set. Talc is still found in supplements across the United States.

These minerals cause asbestos cancer and other severe health problems when inhaled or ingested in any way. For an example, in Asia and Japan the people like rice that has been handled with talc and the mineral being known for producing disease many people are being diagnosed with cancer of the stomach.

Nutritional Information for Cancer Patients

mesothelioma treatment

Researchers have been conducting researcher trials for medicines that make cancer patients receive positive treatments that will prolong many patients life expectancy. There are many know drugs that will shrink the size of cancerous tumors with in the affected areas. Also more DNA testing is being performed for all phases and types of cancers. Screening for damaged cells allows scientists to treat the damaged cells and ultimately blood infuse them into the patient and research how they react.

A very rare type of cancer called mesothelioma. Majority, over 80% of mesothelioma is cause by the exposure to asbestos fibers that are inhaled. The unfortunate part of this disease is that you do not start experiencing symptoms of mesothelioma until decades after initial exposure. From diagnosis of this disease patient have approximately 2-4 months to live.

For years scientist and researchers have tried numerous drugs and one called PD-1 has shown a great promise and has educated both doctors and scientists. This drug has been researched to target the body’s immune system by, which will allow your body to stop fighting the tumor and allows the immune system to actually fight the cancerous tumor cells.

A vaccine created from patients own cells much like the DNA research study is providing very helpful promise with patients diagnosed with brain cancer, according to a new study. The vaccine called HSPPC-96 uses the patients own infected tumor cells to assist the patients immune system fight the disease. This vaccine is proving to provide great promise, but it has been a lot more challenging to treat than scientist have hoped for. With the brain cancer called Glioblastoma which cause approximately 17,000 diagnosed patients every year and after diagnosis usually patients have about 5 years

Understanding the Risk & Symptoms of Measles

This year up to September 10th 2016, 54 people in the United States developed measles. High percentage of people who got measles were unvaccinated. Measles cases are still unfortunately high in other countries. Travel to and from the United States has enhanced the risk of measles across the country. When travelers have the disease it has the potential to spread throughout people that are unvaccinated. Though in the video below shares we have eliminated the virus there are still outbreaks of measles across the world. Understanding the symptoms of measles could save you, your family and your community a major scare. Make sure to do your research in the areas that you travel to for pleasure or business.

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2016 Top Health Problems

Global Health Problems

More and more health problems surround the humanity recently. People are not ready for these attacks. The top dangers according to Intra Health International’s are described below.

1 Everybody knows about the world situation with the refugees. Global refugee number almost exceeds mark 60 million. The shocking fact is that something like that hasn’t happened even during the World War II. Every refugee needs professional help, support and at the same time some health workers also have to leave their homes. All this leads to the undesirable consequences and the changes in health care system.

2 The enduring wealth gap denotes that there are many people who are forced to spend 1,90 $ per day while 62 billionaries possess the wealth which is equal to the savings of nearly half the world’s population. This balance means that people living in poverty usually suffer from health problems more often and accordingly they have no ability for proper health care.

3 Politics and power shifts have benefits as every year they lead to money contributions into public health system. No matter what a country is — rich or poor — when it concerns health investments.

4 Nowadays the health system as a whole is admitted by the American government and strengthening health systems bill should be approved there as it is an important part of foreing aid and global health secururity.

5 Climate change bother the world. To cut the long story short, it’s because the rising sea levels, carbon dioxide levels, temperatures which have harmful effects on our health.  Among the threats are asthma and chikungunya to mental illness. It’s necessary to stop curbing carbon emissions as the Marshall Islands, for instance,  are disappearing step by step.

6 Nowadays emerging and waning  health threats are Polio and HIV which have taken away million lives. The last one will totally disappear soon, on the other hand, Zika and Ebola viruses can spread and it will be the challenge for health security.  But many countries have already forgotten about these dangers.

7 It seems to be unbelievable but air pollution can kill 6 million people as it has happened in China. In the United Arab Emirates the situation is even more tremendous. There are 80 micrograms of pollutants per cubic meter. It horrifies indeed. Smog, smoking are the factors which influence air composition and in its turn it leads to  health problems.

8 A reversal in the health worker shortage indicates about the immense shortage of doctors, nurses and midwives. The solution is near. The global strategy which is called “Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030” will take place this year. Health  workforces’ aim is to make the health care system more eficient.

9  Mental health problems among trauma survivors  are the typical occurrences which are usually caused by war, displacement, violence, natural disasters etc. It’s clear that health care system cant’t cope with this situation because of lack of social service workers.

10 Ebola is an horrible disease nevertheless many people have managed to survive being infected this year. That means that medical workers will face with the difficult task because their duty is to care about all those patients with special needs. Everything indicates that we’ll know much more new information about Ebola virus soon.

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Am I Eligible for Mesothelioma Compensation?

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Mesothelioma a very deadly form of cancer which has been linked to asbestos exposure. The mesothelioma prognosis is often a very frightening one, with just 4 in 10 people who are diagnosed surviving for one year after diagnosis; just 8% are still alive within five years.

But there is help in the form of mesothelioma trust funds and other funds which have been established to help people who have been affected by this aggressive form of cancer. Mesothelioma compensation eligibility varies according to the precise trust fund or the organization/agency that’s offering the funds.

Mesothelioma life expectancy is often just a matter of months, which makes it impractical for many patients to file a lawsuit – a process that can take months or even years. Due to the fast-moving nature of this type of cancer and its high prevalence rate in people with a history of asbestos exposure, mesothelioma trust funds and other resources have been established to provide immediate financial assistance and services.

Generally speaking, mesothelioma compensation is provided to three groups of people.

Mesothelioma Compensation for Patients With Mesothelioma Lung Cancer

Individuals who’ve received a mesothelioma diagnosis as the result of past asbestos exposure are virtually always eligible for mesothelioma compensation.

In many cases, it’s not necessary to file a lawsuit or other legal claim; the patient typically just needs to provide documentation. The required documentation will vary according to the organization, but generally speaking, the individual will be asked to provide proof that they worked in a profession that left them prone to asbestos exposure.

The individual will also need to provide a letter from a physician or other medical documentation verifying their mesothelioma diagnosis.

Mesothelioma Compensation for Families of People Who’ve Died from Mesothelioma

Sadly, the mesothelioma prognosis is often quite poor and some pass away in a matter of weeks or months after diagnosis. Mesothelioma victims may not be alive to file a legal claim, but family members can still seek compensation if they’ve lost a loved one to this aggressive disease.

Each fund, agency or organization is slightly different, but generally, the family members must submit a death certificate with documentation that the loved one died of mesothelioma or a related complication. In some cases, the family member may need to provide some sort of evidence that the decedent worked in a field where they were exposed to asbestos.

Many mesothelioma compensation funds that provide assistance to families have a time limit, which is typically related to the statute of limitations in the state where the asbestos exposure occurred. So it’s important to seek help as soon as possible to ensure you fall within the required timeframe.

Mesothelioma Compensation for Veterans

Many men and women with a mesothelioma diagnosis are veterans who endured asbestos exposure in the military. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VA) oversees mesothelioma compensation for military veterans.

Military veterans with a mesothelioma diagnosis are typically eligible for special VA benefits. To obtain assistance, benefits and other support, the individual must provide proof and documentation that their asbestos exposure was a direct result of their military service.

Assistance is also available to veterans with other asbestos-related injuries, such as asbestosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

The VA oversees mesothelioma compensation and services for injured veterans who were exposed to asbestos.

Committed to Helping You Get Mesothelioma Compensation

Mesowatch is committed to helping mesothelioma patients and others who’ve been impacted by this disease to get the compensation they deserve. Let the experienced team guide you through the process of getting the funds and services you and your family need to get through this difficult experience.

Contact Mesowatch today and let our experienced attorneys help you get the mesothelioma funds you need to live the quality of life you deserve. Funds are available to cover medical expenses, lost wages, burial costs and other financial losses.

Malaria And It’s Causes, Prevention and Treatment [Video]


A man can get malaria being bitten by an infected parasite. It is unbelievable that the little mosquitoes can infect 2,000 000 people and take away many lives. Children are especially vulnerable to this disease. The video below contains the information about the groups of people who are at  high risk, malaria symptoms and treatment etc. Watch it to be aware of what is happening all around the world.

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