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Dangerous Ingredients: Talc or Magnesium Silicate


It has been proven that the same powder that you used as deodorant, vitamin supplements, and even baby powder as a little kid can be located in many supplements as a cheap filler to produce more products or materials. That is disgusting!

Magnesium silicate is similar to a mineral known as asbestos and can cause severe lung disorders when inhaled. When this mineral is hydrated is it most commonly known as talc. The mineral is also often contaminated when it is mined out of the ground with other silicate minerals. Both minerals have been manufactured and produced in thousands of products and materials throughout the United States. It is highly recommend to do your own research

Talc is not really food grade by the FDA and the consumption of talc is very dangerous. Although the consideration of banning this mineral because it contains asbestos fibers, that have been proven as a carcinogenic and very harmful. I couldn’t find whether any upper limits have yet been set. Talc is still found in supplements across the United States.

These minerals cause asbestos cancer and other severe health problems when inhaled or ingested in any way. For an example, in Asia and Japan the people like rice that has been handled with talc and the mineral being known for producing disease many people are being diagnosed with cancer of the stomach.