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2016 Top Health Problems

Global Health Problems

More and more health problems surround the humanity recently. People are not ready for these attacks. The top dangers according to Intra Health International’s are described below.

1 Everybody knows about the world situation with the refugees. Global refugee number almost exceeds mark 60 million. The shocking fact is that something like that hasn’t happened even during the World War II. Every refugee needs professional help, support and at the same time some health workers also have to leave their homes. All this leads to the undesirable consequences and the changes in health care system.

2 The enduring wealth gap denotes that there are many people who are forced to spend 1,90 $ per day while 62 billionaries possess the wealth which is equal to the savings of nearly half the world’s population. This balance means that people living in poverty usually suffer from health problems more often and accordingly they have no ability for proper health care.

3 Politics and power shifts have benefits as every year they lead to money contributions into public health system. No matter what a country is — rich or poor — when it concerns health investments.

4 Nowadays the health system as a whole is admitted by the American government and strengthening health systems bill should be approved there as it is an important part of foreing aid and global health secururity.

5 Climate change bother the world. To cut the long story short, it’s because the rising sea levels, carbon dioxide levels, temperatures which have harmful effects on our health.  Among the threats are asthma and chikungunya to mental illness. It’s necessary to stop curbing carbon emissions as the Marshall Islands, for instance,  are disappearing step by step.

6 Nowadays emerging and waning  health threats are Polio and HIV which have taken away million lives. The last one will totally disappear soon, on the other hand, Zika and Ebola viruses can spread and it will be the challenge for health security.  But many countries have already forgotten about these dangers.

7 It seems to be unbelievable but air pollution can kill 6 million people as it has happened in China. In the United Arab Emirates the situation is even more tremendous. There are 80 micrograms of pollutants per cubic meter. It horrifies indeed. Smog, smoking are the factors which influence air composition and in its turn it leads to  health problems.

8 A reversal in the health worker shortage indicates about the immense shortage of doctors, nurses and midwives. The solution is near. The global strategy which is called “Human Resources for Health: Workforce 2030” will take place this year. Health  workforces’ aim is to make the health care system more eficient.

9  Mental health problems among trauma survivors  are the typical occurrences which are usually caused by war, displacement, violence, natural disasters etc. It’s clear that health care system cant’t cope with this situation because of lack of social service workers.

10 Ebola is an horrible disease nevertheless many people have managed to survive being infected this year. That means that medical workers will face with the difficult task because their duty is to care about all those patients with special needs. Everything indicates that we’ll know much more new information about Ebola virus soon.

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